Frequently Asked Questions

The AMAzing QC tool is an interactive auditing tool that allows agencies to create, perform and effectively manage customizable quality control audits.
With AMAzing, you can ensure quality performance from your team by:
  1. Creating customized audit templates unique to your agency policies and procedures.
  2. Creating a means for which staff can respond to and correct audit findings.
  3. Effectively tracking and managing the progress of QC efforts and initiatives.
  4. Proving greater transparency into trends in deficiencies allowing you to tackle areas that need improvement quickly.
Any kind of audit! The beauty of this tool is that is allows you to create customizable audits that are unique to how you do business.
Yes! The AMAzing QC tool comes with an entire suite of built in reports, along with the ability to create adhoc reports.
Yes! This tool is 100% mobile friendly. At this time, we do not offer an app.
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